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"We were introduced to Sandy on one of our initial home hunting trips to the East Bay. At the time, we did not realize how lucky we were, but over time, we came to appreciate her extensive knowledge of the market and the nuances of the various East Bay neighborhoods.


We had purchased and then recently sold our home in Chicago before moving to the East Bay for work, so we felt experienced. However, that experience was not enough for the frenzy of the East Bay market. Sandy understands the process, how to analyze/read a situation, and coached us on how to quickly respond when an opportunity arose. Always looking after our best interests, she kept us on track by pointing out when we were distracted by attractive houses that did not meet our stated requirements.


We quickly became overwhelmed, but Sandy was our cheerleader, kept us going, even when we were outbid on several houses. She assured us it was not the end of the world, and another house would come along. When our offer was accepted, our new home was actually better than the previous ones we missed. She was right — we got the home that we were supposed to get.


Even now, several years later, we continue to seek her advice and counsel on all real estate items and more, and have recommended her to our friends and colleagues. We adore her!"

— Ashwini and Ken


Get the scoop directly from my clients!

Ed and Reham

“We had already moved to Barcelona, and once our tenants moved out, we decided it was time to sell our East Bay home. So many questions — how do we get our home ready to sell? Who can we trust to manage the process?  Are we crazy to think we could do this while living in Spain?

The answer is “Trust Sandy”.


Sandy is an absolutely amazing agent. We don't know what's better- Sandy's incredible market expertise or her attention to her clients. We felt that Sandy really cared about our best interests throughout the entire selling process. Her knowledge, advice and uncompromising attention to detail were invaluable- she is definitely an expert in her field. 


We communicated almost daily and Sandy was great about answering our many questions, and following up on everything. We definitely felt like we were a priority. In addition to her professionalism, Sandy's kindness and warmth always came across and it made the process personal which we really appreciated. We can't recommend Sandy enough.”

— Ed and Reham

“We were a young family moving to the East Bay to teach at UC Berkeley. Our requirements didn’t seem unreasonable — 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with an additional room for our mom, a small yard, and most importantly in a safe neighborhood. Who would have known how challenging that would be?


We spent months looking. Sandy kept us going, when we would falter and want to compromise on a home that was not right for us. We knew that we could not keep renting our small apartment, not when our extended family would come to visit. Sandy took the time to get to know us, to really understand our requirements. We saw numerous houses with her, and at each juncture, we knew that we were in good hands, she took the time to walk us thru each of the houses with us showing and teaching us how to evaluate each home. 


Sandy was our cheerleader and our advocate. Sandy told us that we had to be patient, we put in the hard work looking at homes each weekend and like Sandy said — the right house came along. Sandy made the magic happen and we got it! An accomplishment in this market. And our dream home was even better than we imagined — more than enough room for our family, on a sweet street in a cul-de-sac where the boys can play and ride their bikes, in a wonderful neighborhood. We could not have done it without Sandy. She is the best!”

— Adam and Charisma

Adam, Charisma and family

“Sandy is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!

My husband and I are first-time home buyers and we had a lot of questions. Sandy walked us through the entire process very patiently.

She is very prompt and proactive. After seeing the condo we liked, we sent her a text message and she gave us a call in less than an hour. She asked us all the questions related to our preferences that we had shared with her in our first meeting. We went to see the condo again twice during the week and she was more than happy to take us multiple times. It was our FIRST OFFER and got accepted! Thanks to Sandy's due diligence.

After the offer got accepted, she again walked us through the detailed timeline and made sure we were comfortable with committing to the dates. She communicated all the details with the lender/title company/seller's agent and us on a timely basis. She stayed on TOP of it till the close of escrow. We got the keys on the date we had decided per the timeline.

Going with Sandy was the BEST decision in the house-hunting process. We got our first HOME because of her. She is our MOST FAVORITE realtor!! :-)”

— S. & R. via YELP

"We were new to home-buying, but knew we needed a great realtor to get what we wanted in this market. And we needed to find someone we could trust 100%. Sandy met our expectations and then exceeded them every step of the way. We are certain had we not worked with Sandy we wouldn’t have just closed on our dream home (our first offer!). There are so many moving parts from making an offer through officially closing and she will hold your hand through it all AND share in your excitement every step of the way! If you want an amazing realtor -  and an amazing person - to work with, do yourself a favor and meet Sandy."

— Steve and Katie

Tom and Anton

"After 30 years enjoying our home on a beautiful half acre in Alamo, we reached the point that it was time: Time to downsize and especially to stop working to maintain a 70-year-old ranch-style house with lots and lots of landscaping. We wanted a more urban experience in a lively place where we could walk rather than drive and drive. More importantly, now in our early 70s we wanted a place that was easily maintained, a place we could call “home” for years to come.


We gave Sandy quite a challenge! We narrowed our search to the Lake Merritt area and insisted on being close to the lake and having uninterrupted views. We worked with Sandy for months, as it was so difficult to find the “right” place that satisfied all our needs and wishes. Sandy led the way and never wavered. She was always there with a great strategy for getting the perfect place for us and she assured us, “We will find the right place!” There were times we felt we’d never get there, but Sandy always cheered us on and kept us on track to find that “right place.” And that’s exactly what happened!


The perfect condo suddenly appeared, and Sandy went into high gear. We ended up with “the deal of a lifetime”! It is perfect for us, and it will be for years to come. When Sandy handed us the keys to the front door, we said, “Yes, Sandy, you were right! We found the perfect place, thanks to YOU!”

— Tom and Anton

“Sandy is so great, I want to hire her to follow me around and help me make all of my life's decisions. I would buy another house just so that I could work again with her. I'm thinking about trying to become besties with her so I don't have to say goodbye to her.  She is the BEST!

We met Sandy a year before we planned on moving to California from Boston.  She showed us around for a day when we were in Berkeley for my husband's interviews.  After only meeting her once, she kept in touch with us for the entire year before we even set foot back in Berkeley.  We were first-time home buyers, in one of the most aggressive markets in the country. Sandy was invaluable - she guided us every single step of the way but still gave us space to make our own decisions. She was flexible, meeting with me at random times of the day whenever something would pop up on Redfin. She was honest - we had closed on a deal with an inspection contingency (on a house that already had an existing inspection) and she insisted on using her "guy" who was the best. Because of that, we ended up not buying the house when serious issues were uncovered.  She was extremely prompt and quick to action, several times ready to just put in an offer the night before the offer date when we came across a house unexpectedly.  She never ever pressures you into anything - and she is a fountain of knowledge in terms of neighborhoods, other realtors, problems with certain inspection agencies, etc etc. She makes sure you do your homework and in the end, she helps you find your dream home.

I seriously cannot recommend her enough - she is a great person and a fantastic realtor.”

— Ann N. via YELP

Thomas and Blair

“We simply cannot say enough about how amazing Sandy is!  We were first time home buyers, and we needed lots of help!  Sandy was patient and understanding, and she truly met us where we were and helped us handle every little challenge along the way.  We ended up with a house that we truly love, and that is thanks in no small part to Sandy’s efforts to educate, encourage, and support us along our journey.  Thank you, Sandy, for helping us find this incredible home!”

— Thomas and Blair

“We just closed on our first home, in no small part due to Sandy's incredible efforts. As first-time buyers in the crazy Bay Area market, we were overwhelmed and nervous about our chances. From day one Sandy was communicative, honest, and worked with us step by step making sure we understood the whole process; we now feel like experts on things we didn't know existed 6 months ago! Sandy considered us a team - keeping us actively involved at every phase (be ready to do some leg work, it's worth it) and making sure all decisions were our own (with some helpful guidance). Her wealth of local knowledge was invaluable, giving us a leg-up when it came to moving quickly, communicating with other agents, or evaluating problems with specific properties. It also cannot be overstated how prompt and available Sandy is for any and all questions, concerns, or last-minute needs. She was flexible with our schedules and sensitive to the issues we cared about. Even after our offer was accepted, she constantly checked in during a tense escrow period, keeping on top of our lender and escrow officer to make sure we closed on time.  We will absolutely be keeping in touch with Sandy, and when we one day need to sell, she'll be the first person we call. Thank you thank you thank you!!”

— Elayna L. via YELP

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