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After more than 15 years in the business, I have built up a vast network of real estate professionals across the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and the world.


My brokerage, Compass, also has a program with Barnes International Really to give clients additional access to homes in other countries, such as France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey.


Whether you are selling or looking to buy, let me connect you.


Sandy has been our agent through several transactions in Oakland over the years but it was after my husband and I bought a second home in Victoria, BC, Canada, that I realized she is our "go-to, anything to do with real estate" realtor.


When I reached out about finding a realtor in Victoria, she was on it immediately. She called and screened people to find the best fit and in the end, her recommendation was spot on. With our Sandy-approved Victoria agent, we found the home we wanted in no time.


Sandy is incredible, not only as a Bay Area realtor but as someone who can make purchasing or selling a home anywhere, anytime, much easier than it would seem. She always says, "I love my clients," and it's true - she will go to the moon and back for you. You're the best, Sandy!

— Amy, Dave & Roscoe


We have worked with Sandy on three different prospecting markets including Charleston, Hilton Head, and New Orleans. In each case, she has made superior recommendations to local agents who are experts in their specific local. A perfect match for me requires a lot more finesse than picking from a list of top agents that will pump out market and sales data. It requires a diligent evaluation of multiple TOP agents that can deliver on a number of highly specialized needs. With not the least being, fit.


Admittedly, my investment style is irregular which also is a reflection of my temperament. After years of working with Sandy, she knows how to select agents that are perfectly suited to my style and personality. I require no-nonsense partners who can deliver results without getting flustered under pressure.  


Check out this little gem we just secured in the beautiful town of New Orleans.

— Hope-Sutton & Joe

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